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Nazem Kadri – 1.18.2016

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Nazem Kadri spoke to media following practice on Monday. Here’s what he had to say…

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What’s the mindset in this locker room right now during this losing streak?

Just trying to simplify. I felt like in a couple of those games we didn’t get the result we wanted to and we deserved a better fate. At the end of the day losses are losses and we’ve got to find a way to get a win.

Were you on the penalty kill during practice?

I was. I think they were experimenting with something new so if I get some PK minutes I’ll do the best I can.

When was the last time you played the penalty kill?

Probably a couple of years ago. I know what I’m doing out there, I feel a little bit uncomfortable to start but as I played a little more I’m going to start to get more familiar with it. I don’t think it’s really that complicated to figure out.

What’s the biggest challenge shifting there mid-year if you do?

Just not looking out of place and being in the right spots. PK’ing is all about structure and you can’t get scrambling, especially with a good offensive team like Philly, they’re going to make you pay. Just structure, know where to go and know your spots.

Where do you think it has gone wrong for you with the power play this season?

It seems like we’re hot when we’re hot and then we’re cold when we’re cold. I think it’s no in-between, we’re one or the other. I think it’s just focusing on those little details. Throwing pucks on net and creating random puck battles and getting a few ugly ones.

Do you recall the situation when you were on the PK last time?

Not really, I remember I had a shorthanded goal so I’ve had one of those in my career. It would be nice to get a couple but at the end of the day PK is not about offence, it’s about killing off penalties and trying to generate momentum with good defence.

Did Coach talk to you about this ahead of time?

Yeah they talked to me last week. I’ve been going into PK meetings and stuff like that, just trying to figure out exactly what to do. I’ve been watching a lot of film and, like I said, once you’re out there it’s a little bit different but structure is your safety valve. If you stick to the structure everything is going to be fine.

Source: Nazem Kadri – 1.18.2016

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