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James van Riemsdyk, baseball player

From Pension Puppets

Oh, sure, there’s hockey, but if you can hit dingers…

James van Riemsdyk is injured and this is, of course, upsetting. A broken foot effectively keeps him off the ice for a while, but hey, at least there are other things he can do.

Like correct people about what sport he plays. On Twitter.

This was a great little moment, brought to you by the world of social media.

Okay, well, to be fair, baseball did get a whole lot more popular in Toronto rather recently, so there’s that.

But then there’s JvR’s response, which helped clarify matters, because dude can hit a home run.

JvR can be a baseball player if he wants to be!

… Just probably not on a broken foot, but there’s always reliving the glory days.

Source: James van Riemsdyk, baseball player

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