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From the Branches: All-Star edition

From Pension Puppets

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All-Star things happened last night. All-Star things will happen tonight. Also tomorrow. Things.

Happy Sunday! The NHL All-Star game is happening today. William Nylander, T.J. Brennan, and Josh Leivo will also be appearing in the AHL All-Star game today and tomorrow. Should be boring as fun as a fake fake cheese fountain. Some very brief links for you today, because I’m phoning it in there isn’t much going on.

Front Page

NHL All-Star Skills Competition 2016 results in Leo Komarov’s “own” words
The only ASG recap you need to read, really.

LA to host 2017 NHL All Star Game, NHL likes Montreal better than Toronto

Title says it all.

Three Marlies at the 2016 AHL All-Star game
Link to the stream inside.

Other news

Philadelphia Flyers Top 25 Under 25 Midterm Update: Nos. 15 to 11 – Broad Street Hockey
The only bit of non-All-Star/game news I could find.

Finally, the skills competition happened yesterday. In lieu of a proper recap (I was watching real hockey–Les Canadiennes played the Calgary Inferno), I leave you with this picture:

Source: From the Branches: All-Star edition

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