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Don Cherry: NHL concussion spotters are "dumb dumbs"

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Cherry’s stance on concussion protocols is backwards and ignorant.

In tonight’s Coach’s Corner segment of Hockey Night in Canada Don Cherry commented on two incidents where the NHL’s concussion protocol was initiated and expressed a bizarre and ignorant point of view.

During the Maple Leafs @ Senators game Tyler Bozak took an elbow to the face. He was escorted off the ice and sent to the quiet room for a concussion evaluation.

This upset Cherry who said:

Got some dumb dumb up there sayin’ that Bozak can’t come back …. it’s unbelievable.

Later on, Cherry appeared to take the opposite stance when it came to Denis Wideman, saying he should have gone to the hospital after taking the hit.

Let me tell you who really screwed up. The organization screwed up. If I’m the coach in there I would have sent Wideman out in the hospital.

Hypocrisy? Possibly. But Cherry then added:

I guarantee you if he had gone in the hospital there’d have been no suspension.

Was circumventing the NHL discipline process all he was really concerned about?

This is yet another example of the ignorance problem Scott Wheeler has identified in the NHL.

Source: Don Cherry: NHL concussion spotters are "dumb dumbs"

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