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Dear Phaneuf


Thank you.

Thank you for being a Leaf. Thank you for being our captain. Thank you for playing your game and leading our team and being ever unphased by our media.

When you came to Toronto in that “Blockbuster trade” from Calgary there was hope. Reports said that when you entered the dressing room for the first time you livened the place up, and there was hope.

Things didn’t go well in your tenure here, but it never showed in your post-game scrums. Fans belittled you needlessly but you pressed on being the best Leaf you could.

Losing became a mainstay of the Leafs organization, no fault of yours, and you dressed the blue and white, took your lumps, and never even thought about fleeing the sinking ship.

I doubt many players in the league today could handle the stress and pressure you faced as our win-starved captain.

Thank you for your professionalism. And good luck with your new team. We’ll be see you plenty.

A Leafs Fan.

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Greg is a software engineer by day, die-hard Leafs fan by night.

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