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About A Leafs Fan

About this site

It is a blog / community site that revolves around the Toronto Maple Leafs.

The blog is syndicated with other blogs and news streams around the web as well as a source of original content.

Users can also find information about the team including the roster, stats, trades, and salary cap.

Users can also get involved in discussion, either by contributing in our forums, commenting on posts, or interacting with our Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Background of this site

A Leafs Fan is a blog created by Gregory Pike early in 2016.

Future of this site

Our intention is to add advanced stats for the Leafs. The hope at this point is to build a free API for other developers to build apps using Leafs stats and advanced stats.

We also plan to build a shop for buying Leafs merchandise.

Eventually we will allow for guest writers to write for this blog compensation for their work.

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