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Yea, Phaneuf sucks… Right.

I’m just going to leave this here.

While Phaneuf was in Toronto for this season, James Reimer had a save percentage of 0.9293. Not bad.

Since his departure, which accounts for only three games, James Reimer has a save percentage of 0.8215. That may not sound so bad after that whomping in Chicago, but that save percentage would put him 81st in the league this season. I didn’t even know that many goalies played this year.

I expect the latter number to increase before the end of the season, but it will probably hover around 0.84-0.85 from here on out, maybe less depending on who gets ships. Either way, it’s interesting how black and blue the Leafs starting goalie has been since Phaneuf left town.

While I’m drawing from a small sample size I think it’s safe to say Phaneuf had an impact while he was here.

Shut up haters.

Dear Phaneuf


Thank you.

Thank you for being a Leaf. Thank you for being our captain. Thank you for playing your game and leading our team and being ever unphased by our media.

When you came to Toronto in that “Blockbuster trade” from Calgary there was hope. Reports said that when you entered the dressing room for the first time you livened the place up, and there was hope.

Things didn’t go well in your tenure here, but it never showed in your post-game scrums. Fans belittled you needlessly but you pressed on being the best Leaf you could.

Losing became a mainstay of the Leafs organization, no fault of yours, and you dressed the blue and white, took your lumps, and never even thought about fleeing the sinking ship.

I doubt many players in the league today could handle the stress and pressure you faced as our win-starved captain.

Thank you for your professionalism. And good luck with your new team. We’ll be see you plenty.

A Leafs Fan.

Mike Babcock’s 1000th game by the numbers

Let’s start with Mike Babcock before the Leafs.

He was head coach for 950 games in both Anaheim and Detroit. In that time he posted an average point ratio of 0.626. That’s not too shabby.

In those twelve seasons he missed the playoffs in only once! To put that in perspective the Leafs only made the playoffs in one season out of their last twelve.

Let’s not forget he has won a Stanley Cup and came very close on two other occasions.

Well Babcock hasn’t been so lucky in Toronto. To date he’s won 18 of 49 games, though his point ratio is a surprising 0.459. That says about about close he has kept his games.

Despite a losing record I think most fans would agree that there has been some positive change since Babcock’s arrival.

Are Bernier and Reimer the best Leafs goalies of all time?

James Reimer

This week Steve Dangle posted some food for thought on Twitter.


Makes you think.

Not for too long though I hope.

My first thought is I would never compare our boys to Potvin or Bower (who didn’t even make the cut). Then I think about how save percentage as a stat by itself is not reflective of much. All of a sudden I am depressing myself.

Reimer and Bernier are not the best Leafs goalies of all time the same way that Furious 7 is not one of the top ten movies of all time. Equipment has changed and improved. Goalie coaches have become a thing and video review helps to watch mistakes. Techniques have gotten better and goalies have gotten bigger.

It’s save percentage inflation!

You have to note immediately that almost every goalie on this list played for the team in the past ten to twenty years including some of the losingest hockey the franchise has seen. It’s really hard to compare either one of our goalies to any goalies of the past, certainly not by save percentage alone.

Still, there is something about seeing those names at the top of this list that excites and perhaps brings some truth to the old notion that they might be the best goalie tandem in the league.

Of course that thought only crosses the head of a Leafs fan. Anyone else just laughs.