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Maple Leafs prospects recap: Timashov, Johnson have big nights.

From Pension Puppets

covering the kids from Jan 25-31st.

Let’s dive right into things, then I’ll think of something to say afterwards.

Ontario Hockey League

Mitch Marner/JJ Piccinich (F) – London Knights
January 29: Erie 6 at London 2
Marner: 0G, 2A, -2 / Piccinich: 0G, 0A, -1

January 30: London 3 at Windsor 8
Marner: 1G, 0A, -1 / Piccinich: 0G, 0A, -2
Week Totals: Marner 1G, 2A, -3 / Piccinich: 0G, 0A, -3

Travis Dermott (D) – Erie Otters
January 29: Erie 6 at London 2 0G, 0A, +1
January 31: Mississauga 1 at Erie 5 0G, 2A
Week Totals: 0G, 2A, +1

Nikita Korotselev (F) – Sarnia Sting
January 29: Flint 3 at Sarnia 4 Did Not Play
January 30: Sarnia 5 at Flint 2 Did Not Play
January 31: Sarnia 5 at Windsor 0 Did Not Play
Korostelev is still working off an injury suffered a few weeks ago.

Stephen Desrocher (D) – Kingston Frontenacs
January 29: Owen Sound 5 at Kingston 2
1G, 0A, -4
January 31: Kingston 2 at Peterborough 3 SO 0G, 1A, +1
Week Totals: 1G, 1A, -3

Jeremy Bracco (F) – Kitchener Rangers
January 29: Windsor 0 at Kitchener 2 1G, 0A, +1
January 30: Kitchener 2 at Saginaw 1 0G, 1A
January 31: Kitchener 6 at Sault Ste. Marie 6 0G, 0A, -2
Week Totals: 1G, 1A, -1

Quebec Major Junior Hockey League

Dmytro Timashov (F) – Shawinigan Cataractes
January 29: Chicoutimi 6 at Shawinigan 2
0G, 1A
January 31: Drummondville 4 at Shawinigan 5 OT 1G, 3A, +4
Week Totals: 1G, 4A, +4

Martins Dzierkals (F) – Rouyn-Noranda Huskies
January 30: Baie-Comeau 0 at  Rouyn-Noranda 4
0G, 0A, +1
January 31: Baie-Comeau 0 at  Rouyn-Noranda 4 1G, 0A
Week Totals: 1G, 0A, +1

Cody Donaghey (D) – Moncton Wildcats
January 30: Halifax 4 at Moncton 1
0G, 0A, -1
January 31: Acadie-Bathurst 2 at Moncton 0 No Points
Week Totals: 0G, 0A, -1

Western Hockey League

Andrew Nielsen (D)  – Lethbridge Hurricanes
January 29: Lethbridge 1 at Victoria 3
0G, 1A, -2
January 30: Lethbridge at Vancouver Did Not Play
Week Totals: 0G, 1A, -2


Dominic Toninato / Tony Cameranesi (F) – U. Minnesota-Duluth Bulldogs
January 29: UMD 3 at Northern Michigan 4
Toninato: 1G, 0A, +1 / Cameranesi: 0G, 1A
January 30: UMD 3 at Northern Michigan 1
Toninato: 1G, 0A, +1 / Cameranesi: 1G, 0A, +1
Week Totals: Toninato: 2G, 0A, +2 / Cameranesi: 1G, 1A, +1

Dakota Joshua (F) – Ohio State Buckeyes
January 29: Michigan State 4 at Ohio State 2
0G, 0A, -2
January 30: Michigan State 1 at Ohio State 2 0G, 1A
Week Totals: 0G, 1A, -2

Nolan Vesey (F) – U. Maine Black Bears
January 29: Maine 5 at Massachusetts 2
0G, 0A, +2
January 30: Maine 5 at Massachusetts 4 1G, 0A, -2
Week Totals: 1G, 0A


Andreas Johnson (F) – Frolunda, SHL
January 26: Frolunda 0 – HV71 2
No Points
January 28: Växjö 1 – Frolunda 3 1G, 1A
January 30: Frolunda 3 – Djurgården 2 0G, 2A, +1
Week Totals: 1G, 3A, +1

Jesper Lindgren (D) – MODO, SHL
January 26: MODO 4 – Djurgården  1
Did Not Play
January 28: Rögle 2 – MODO 1 Did Not play
January 30: Färjestad 4 – MODO 1 Did Not Play

Pierre Engvall (D) – Mora IK, Allsvenskan
January 27: Mora 4 – IK Pantern 2
No Points
January 30: IK Oskarshamn 5 – Mora 2 No Points

Fabrice Herzog (F) – Zurich Lions, Swiss A
January 26: HC Fribourg-Gottéron 2 – Zurich 3
No Points
January 30: EHC Biel 6 – Zurich 5 OT No Points

Player League GP Points PPG NHLe Points
Mitch Marner (F) OHL 36 73 2.03 53.21
Andreas Johnson (F) SHL 39 35 0.90 44.15
Dmytro Timashov (F) QMJHL 38 69 1.82 38.71
Jeremy Bracco (F) OHL 36 48 1.33 34.99
Tony Cameranesi (F) NCAA-NCHC 23 24 1.04 35.08
JJ Piccinich (F) OHL 45 52 1.16 30.32
Martins Dzierkals (F) QMJHL 40 47 1.18 25.05
Travis Dermott (D) OHL 39 36 0.92 24.22
Andrew Nielsen (D) WHL 49 52 1.06 23.50
Fabrice Herzog (F) NLA 33 20 0.61 19.88
Nikita Korostelev (F) OHL 36 26 0.72 18.95
Dakota Joshua (F) NCAA-B10 18 10 0.56 15.94
Stephen Desrocher (D) OHL 50 29 0.58 15.22
Cody Donaghey (D) QMJHL 34 22 0.65 13.80
Dominic Toninato (F) NCAA-NCHC 25 11 0.44 14.79
Pierre Engvall (F) ALK 40 15 0.38 12.30
Jesper Lindgren (D) SHL 26 3 0.12 5.68
Nolan Vesey (F) NCAA-HE 25 4 0.16 4.85

Aside from Johnson’s night there wasn’t much coming out of Europe. Lindgren is off in the wind, Engvall and Herzog were shut out.  Everyone we have in the NCAA scored a goal, which I believe is the first time they all did in the same week.

Everyone else had some slower weeks, but still put up atleast a point. I haven’t found out why Nielsen didn’t play vs Vancouver, so that makes me think it’s a rest day.

We’re nearing the playoffs, and I’m excited to see what these kids can do. All CHL players are looking to make atleast the first round, so that will be a busy few weeks.

Source: Maple Leafs prospects recap: Timashov, Johnson have big nights.

Wheeler's mid-season Top 25 Under 25 ranking update

From Pension Puppets

Christian Bonin |

The top-10 is… unchanged.

At the end of August, when our staff’s collective Top 25 Under 25 ranking began to wrap up, I chose to release my individual ranking and explain my reasoning.

With the All-Star Game come to a close, and February starting, I thought it would be prudent to update that ranking and justify the movement that has occurred.

In order to get a better understanding of how I ranked the players, here’s an updated version of the criteria I included in my August ranking:

My Criteria

There were several ways in which I approached the ranking, but due to the age and established nature of some of the players, it was a decidedly different approach than the one I take when evaluating a draft class or pool of non-NHL prospects.

Not all voters used the organization’s status as a criterion. I did. The Leafs rebuild factors into the value each player has to the organization moving forward. The present isn’t nearly as important as the future, and that gives huge value to a Mitch Marner or a William Nylander over an established Nazem Kadri. Future star power will make or break the end result of this Leafs rebuild, and Kadri may well factor into it as a key player (he already is), but he’s not a piece that changes a franchise.

I didn’t approach the ranking as one that was strictly a meritocracy. As evidenced through my non-ranking of Byron Froese, a player’s NHL status doesn’t guarantee him value. Byron Froese is replaceable. The Marlies roster this season includes several players who could play a fourth line role in the NHL.

The lottery tickets that the players I ranked near the bottom of the T25U25 represent hold more value than a Byron Froese does. The chance that Martins Dzierkals can be more than a replacement level NHLer holds considerable value to a team like the Leafs. Nothing plagues NHL franchises more than the idea that picks are expendable. If you draft for upside, you will find real value, not Byron Froese value.

Dzierkals’ footwork and skating ability, as well as the low kick to his release and his knack for getting it off in stride is a real, identifiable stylistic trait that translates well at the next level. And there’s a very good chance he never becomes an NHL player, but the value in acquiring players like him is worth more than any value Byron Froese holds to the Leafs, at least for a rebuilding team.

The top 11 players remain unchanged. The prospects within the group have progressed as expected, Jake Gardiner has blossomed (yes, he’s 26 but for continuity’s sake I re-included him in the ranking), and after faltering out of the gate Peter Holland and Nazem Kadri have returned to form. I nearly moved Jeremy Bracco back a spot in favour of Dmytro Timashov (who has risen more than anyone except Garret Sparks) but Bracco elevated his play after being snubbed by Team USA and he’s really beginning to find his game after leaving the NCAA for the OHL.

Sparks wasn’t ranked in August in part because I regarded Chris Gibson as the Marlies starter, which would have limited Sparks’ ability to get the starter’s load he needs to really progress. Both were narrowly left off of my August list, though Gibson was ranked 25th on the overall PPP ranking.

Travis Dermott also rose substantially thanks to some impressive play as one of the OHL’s best defensemen this year, though I still worry about his skating limiting his upside when he becomes a pro.

Rinat Valiyev also moves into the top 25 — his skating has held up more than I expected it too as an AHL rookie — and is joined by two players who weren’t available to be ranked in August in AHL scorer Jeremy Morin and Frank Corrado (who should play more than he does).

Stuart Percy and Frederik Gauthier have fallen the furthest, but not because they haven’t had good seasons. Gauthier has played really well defensively — as expected — and his results are the dividends. For Percy, it’s just a matter of timing. The clock is ticking and despite up-ticks in his offensive production, Percy’s window for establishing himself in the Leafs organization will come to a close before we know it. Mostly, for both Gauthier and Percy, the dip in their ranking speaks to some strong seasons and new faces.

Despite an excellent (surprisingly so) season from Andrew Nielsen, he remained unranked. Like with Dermott, I worry about how Nielsen’s skating will translate as a pro (his shot and physicality aren’t a problem). Still, his season has been extremely impressive and he doesn’t seem to be slowing down as the WHL’s highest-scoring defensemen. There’s a good chance, if he keeps it up, that he climbs into next summer’s ranking (though the Leafs could have 5+ picks in the first three rounds this summer that will factor into that discussion).

My February Ranking

Just missed: Andrew Nielsen, Zach Hyman, Jesper Lindgren, Nikita Korostelev.

Remember: Neither of these rankings are the overall, conglomerated PPP ranking but simply my personal list. Morgan Rielly finished first on the overall list.

Source: Wheeler's mid-season Top 25 Under 25 ranking update

From the Branches: Dave Keon in Legends Row

From Pension Puppets

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

1967’s Conn Smythe winner steps onto the ice again in Toronto.

Yesterday, El Seldo said to me, “Blueprint is going to have a special segment on Dave Keon, you’ll have to read up on Leafs history!” … So I did, of course, and in the process of researching I came across this quotation about Keon’s 1975 contract negotiation:

“From all I’m told, he really wanted to stay,” said Bill Watters, who’d become a high profile agent in the 1980s and Leaf assistant general manager. “It wasn’t an unreasonable contract request from Dave, nothing preposterous in terms of money. I don’t know why Harold [Ballard] (low-balled). Perhaps he was getting advice from someone else.”

Ironically enough, just after I read about how the Leafs’ star walked away from the team due to Ballard’s cheap approach to contract negotiation, I read a piece about Yzerman only offering Stamkos 8.5 million. Mmf. Hope it doesn’t end in the same way. Or do I?

Anyway, on a lighter note, Keon was honored at last night’s Leafs game, and it was lovely to see 1967’s Conn Smythe winner back on the ice in Toronto.

Leafs News and Front Page Stuff

Dave Keon honoured to be joining Legends Row | CBC
Leafs legend will join alongside Turk Broda and Tim Horton.

History of the Keon vs. Leafs mess | Toronto Sun
“Full reconciliation is finally at hand for Dave Keon and the Maple Leafs. But what started this 40-year feud between the player some call the greatest Leaf ever and the team that once lionized its stars?”

Dave Keon discusses what it means to play for the Toronto Maple Leafs | Sportsnet
“I’d like to be alive when [getting honored] happens.”

Supposed Cup Contender Needs Shootout to Beat Leafs, 3-2 | PPP
“The Leafs didn’t deserve it, but took advantage of some puck luck to take the Habs to a shootout.”

Canadiens vs. Leafs Top Six Minutes: The Habs end a long night with a big two points
“The Habs had their classic rivals on the ropes after the first, and despite surrendering a two goal lead, hung on to win the game in shootout.”

Chris Bourque overtakes TJ Brennan for AHL Scoring Lead | Kuklas Korner

Checking in on the Kids: Jeremy Bracco | PPP Fanpost

Lupul throws shade at the Habs | PPP

Happy birthday, Brendan Shanahan! | PPP

Wickenheiser stirs up controversy at CWHL All-Star Weekend | PPP

Other Hockey Stuff

Ducks Destroy Sloppy Wings – Ducks 4 Wings 3 | WIIM
“I don’t know what’s wrong with the Wings at the Joe, but it needs to stop. They simply cannot win a game at home right now. Thankfully for them, the majority of their remaining schedule is on the road, but it’s ridiculous to watch the product they put on the ice at the Joe.”

Highlight Recap, Game #48- Blue Jackets at Bruins | Jacketscannon
The comeback comes up short, Blue Jackets lose in shootout in Boston

It’s open season on Brian Elliott | SLGT
While the Blues have survived January to this point, they have given up a ton of shots. What’s going on?

Claude Giroux has thoughts about the snowstorm | BSH
They are not positive thoughts.

Flames’ Giordano: Women could coach in NHL | NHL
If anyone is misogynistic enough to say “but women haven’t played the game,” I will end you.

Snowstorm Postpones 2 NHL Games, Strands 2 College Teams | ABC News
“The players mostly got by on leftover pizza and Gatorade and watched movies, including ‘Invincible.’ And it was difficult for some of the players, who were quite tall, to sleep on the bus.”

Dustin Byfuglien, Jonathan Drouin top list of NHL trade deadline candidates | CBS Sports

NHL dodging another blow to image in concussion lawsuit | SI
A Minneapolis judge presiding over the class action concussion lawsuit brought by former players against the National Hockey League has ordered the unsealing of a series of “embarrassing” emails sent to and from league executives.

Most unusual NHL All-Stars in history | TSN
“[Peter] Sidorkiewicz went 4-32-3 for the Sens that year with a 4.43 goals against average and .856 save percentage, but given how bad the team was, it was a miracle his stats weren’t worst and was graced with the All-Star nod.”


Source: From the Branches: Dave Keon in Legends Row

From the Branches: Canada wins at WWJ

From Pension Puppets

Canada WWJ team celebrates its goal. – Singjay

Day 2 of the WWJ ended with Canada beating the Czechs 11-0 to make a run for first place in their group.

Our own Phylliskessel was on CentreIce TSN690 today talking to HEOTP’s Robyn Flynn. UPDATE: The live spot is now over but we will get a link to a recording up soon.

El Seldo’s been reporting for us on the WWJ, and his daily recaps of each and every game are some dedicated work. He reported on Canada’s win yesterday as well as the rest of the tournament, and his piece (with the assistance of all of Gunnar’s gifs) is an excellent read. Day 2: Recap: Canada 11 – Czechs 0 | PPP

Leafs News

Swedish TV interviews Maple Leafs prospect Andreas Johnson | PPP
Johnson speaks of his current success and more hopefully in the future with the Leafs.

Toronto Maple Leafs prospect Andreas Johnson has a three-point day | PPP

Canada vs. Russia: A Rinkside Pictorial | PPP

Kyle Dubas talks analytics and development, Toronto Marlies shut out the Moose 3-0 | PPP

Report: Concussion takes Nylander’s potential call-up ‘off the table’ | The Score
“That’s all off the table right now,” Cox said. “I think he’s going to miss a month or more when it’s all said and done.” Nylander apparently returned to Toronto on Wednesday and has embarked on his return-to-play concussion protocol.

2015 Draft Day: How Mark Hunter and Kyle Dubas may have outplayed the league | MLHS

Winnik really likes Thornton’s beard | R/Leafs

Jeremy Bracco, kitchener vs. hamilton to put kitchener up 1-0 | R/Leafs

Other News

Lawyers in concussion case want to unseal NHL records | Star Tribune
Former players are suing the league in Minneapolis over the brain damage they suffered.

Call her Denna | SCOC
In which I talk about my dad’s paraplegia and what might be next for Denna and her family.

After John Scott vote, NHL will limit All-Star Game fan influence: Report | Puck Daddy
“You’re going to see a situation where the League decides if it’s going to be that the fans just have a portion of the vote – not all of the captaincy votes – or could it just be that there’s a list online that you’re going to be able to vote from. I think it’s pretty safe to say we’re not going to see the same kind of all out voting that we saw this year and what it resulted in with the captaincies.”


Caps Earn Two the Hard Way, Beat Rangers, 4-3 (OT) – Japers’ Rink
The Capitals visited Madison Square Garden looking to put more distance between themselves and the Rangers. For 40 minutes, it looked as if the would. Hockey games, however, are 60-minutes long.

Flyers 4, Islanders 0: 10 things we learned from an afternoon treat – Broad Street Hockey
Back home in Philadelphia, the Flyers systematically took apart an undermanned Islanders squad. Which players particularly stood out?

Senators Defeat Boston Bruins 2-1 in Overtime – Silver Seven
Stone had the OT winner as Ottawa beat the Bruins in Marchand’s first game back from suspension.

Hurricanes 4, Blue Jacket 3 – (OT) – Canes Country
Jordan Staal wins game in overtime for Carolina

Overturned Stars goal bails out Mike Reilly and the Wild – Hockey Wilderness
Mike Reilly and the Wild were bailed out by the referees decision to disallow the Dallas Stars early goal.

Lightning roll by Canucks with 3-2 overtime win to get back in playoff contention – Raw Charge
Coming off an exciting victory the night before, the Lightning continued their momentum and picked up another pair of much needed points.

To Live and Die in L.A. – St. Louis Game Time
Myriad of injuries continue to pile up but Elliott steals a win in LA

Louis Domingue earns second shutout, Coyotes win 4-0 – Five For Howling
The Coyotes start off their homestand on a high note with a 4-0 drubbing of the Predators.

Source: From the Branches: Canada wins at WWJ

Maple Leafs prospects recap: Piccinich puts up points, Dzierkals returns, Nielsen helps out

From Pension Puppets

Covering December 28th – January 3rd & the world juniors.

What a week we had. It’s too bad the world juniors are over, but hey, there’s always next year. The schools and junior leagues were back in action last week and many players came back well rested and hungry for points.

IIHF Men U20 World Championships
For all the WJC coverage you want, you can head to our story stream

Mitch Marner/Travis Dermott – Team Canada
December 28: Canada 6 vs Denmark 1
Marner: 1G, 1A, +2 / Dermott: 0G, 1A, +1
December 29: Canada 3 vs Switzerland 2 (SO)
Marner: No Points / Dermott: No Points
December 31: Canada 2 vs Sweden 5
Marner: 1G, 0A, -1 / Dermott: 0G, 0A, -2
January 2nd: Canada 5 vs Finland 6
Marner: 2G, 0A, -1 / Dermott: 0G, 0A, -1
Week Totals: Marner: 4G, 1A / Dermott: 0G, 1A, -2

Dymtro Timashov – Team Sweden
December 28: Sweden 1 vs USA 0 0G, 1A, +1
December 30: Sweden 5 vs Denmark 0 0G, 0A, +1
December 31: Canada 2 vs Sweden 5 0G, 1A
January 2nd: Sweden 6 vs Slovakia 0 0G, 1A, +1
January 4: Sweden 1 vs Finland 2 0G, 1A, +1
January 5: Sweden 3 vs USA 8 0G, 0A, -3
Week Totals: 0G, 4A, +1

Ontario Hockey League

JJ Piccinich (F) – London Knights
December 29: London 2 @ Kitchener 3
0G, 1A, -1
December 31: Sarnia 3 @ London 4 (OT) 1G, 2A, +3
January 2: London 5 @ Sarnia 4 (OT) 1G, 1A, -2
Week Totals: 2G, 4A

Nikita Korotselev (F) – Sarnia Sting
December 28: Sarnia 6 @ Windsor 3
1G, 1A, +2
December 31: Sarnia 3 @ London 4 (OT) 1G, 0A, -2
January 2: London 5 @ Sarnia 4 (OT) 1G, 0A, -1
Week Totals: 3G, 1A, -1

Stephen Desrocher (D) – Kingston Frontenacs?
December 29: Ottawa 5 @ Kingston 2
0G, 0A, -2
December 30: Kingston 4 @ Oshawa 1 0G, 1A, +2
January 1: Peterborough 3 @ Kingston 5 0G, 1A, +2
Week Totals: 0G, 2A, +2

Jeremy Bracco (F) – Kitchener Rangers
December 29: London 2 @ Kitchener 3 0G, 0A, +1
December 31: Kitchener 5 @ Niagara 2 1G, 0A, +2
January 1: Guelph 2 @ Kitchener 3 1G, 0A, +1
January 3: Kitchener 3 @ Guelph 7 0G, 2A, +1
Week Totals: 2G, 2A, +5

Quebec Major Junior Hockey League

Martins Dzierkals (F) – Rouyn-Noranda Huskies
December 28:
Rouyn-Noranda 1 @ Gatineau 4 No Points
December 30: Blainville-Boisbriand 0 @
Rouyn-Noranda 6 3G, 1A, +4
December 31:
Drummondville 1 @ Rouyn-Noranda 2 (OT) No Points
January 3:
Rouyn-Noranda 2 @ Val D’or 4 1G, 0A, +2
Week Totals: 4G, 1A, +6

Cody Donaghey (D) – Moncton Wildcats
December 28: Moncton 3 @ Halifax 2
No Points
December 31: Acadie-Bathurst 5 @ Moncton 4 (SO) 0G, 0A, +1
Week Totals: 0G, 0A, +1

Western Hockey League

Andrew Nielsen (D)  – Lethbridge Hurricanes
December 29: Medicine Hat 2 @ Lethbridge 5
0G, 1A, +1
December 30: Lethbridge 4 @ Calgary 6 0G, 1A
January 2: Calgary 3 @ Lethbridge 4 0G, 3A, +1
Week Totals: 0G, 5A, +2


Dominic Toninato / Tony Cameranesi (F) – U. Minnesota-Duluth Bulldogs
January 2nd: Exhibition Game: USNTDP-U18 3 @ Minn.-Duluth 4

Toninato: 3G, 1A, +1 / Cameranesi: 0G, 0A, -1

Dakota Joshua (F) – Ohio State Buckeyes
Florida College Classic Tournament

December 28: Boston College 2 vs Ohio State 3 0G, 1A
December 29: Ohio State 8 @ Cornell 0 0G, 1A
Tournament Totals: 0G, 2A

Nolan Vesey (F) – U. Maine Black Bears
December 29: New Hampshire 5 @ Maine 4
0G, 1A
December 30: Maine 0 @ New Hampshire 7 0G, 0A, -1
Week Totals: 0G, 1A, -1


Andreas Johnson (F) – Frölunda, SHL
December 29: Skellefteå 2 @ Frölunda 3
0G, 1A
December 30: Frölunda 3 @ Malmö 2 (SO) No Points
Week Totals: 0G, 1A

Jesper Lindgren (D) – MODO, SHL
December 28: Örebro 2 @ MODO 1 No Points
December 30: MODO 2 @ Luleå 3 Did Not Play
Week Totals: No Points

Pierre Engvall (D) – Mora IK, Allsvenskan
December 30: Asplöven 2 @ Mora 3 No Points

Fabrice Herzog (F) – Zurich Lions, Swiss A
January 2: Zurich 4 @ HC Davos 0
1G, 0A
January 3: HC Davos 2 @ Zurich 1 No Points
Week Totals: 1G, 0A

Player League GP Points PPG NHL eq.
Mitch Marner (F) OHL 25 58 2.32 18.56
Andreas Johnson (F) SHL 31 26 0.84 15.60
JJ Piccinich (F) OHL 34 45 1.32 14.40
Dymtro Timashov QMJHL 29 53 1.83 13.78
Andrew Nielsen (D) WHL 39 43 1.10 11.61
Jeremy Bracco (F) OHL 24 32 1.33 10.24
Martins Dzierkals (F) QMJHL 30 38 1.27 9.88
Travis Dermott (D) OHL 29 27 0.93 8.64
Nikita Korostelev (F) OHL 35 25 0.71 8.00
Stephen Desrochers (D) OHL 39 23 0.59 7.36
Tony Cameranesi (F) NCHC 15 17 1.13 6.97
Fabrice Herzog (F) NLA 25 15 0.60 6.00
Pierre Engvall (F) ALK 33 12 0.36 3.00
Dominic Toninato (F) NCHC 17 7 0.41 2.87
Cody Danaghey QMJHL 24 11 0.46 2.86
Dakota Joshua (F) Big10 12 6 0.50 2.16
Jesper Lindgren (D) SHL 23 3 0.13 1.80
Nolan Vesey (F) HE 18 3 0.17 1.11

Five prospects with 4+ point weeks is pretty good. Piccinich picked up the slack for some missing Knights who were at the WJC, but London had a hard time getting wins. Andrew Nielsen piled on the assists out west, and Martins Dzierkels made his return to the Q after helping Latvia win the Div1A World Juniors in style putting up 5 points.

Dakota Joshua and Ohio State won the Florida College Classic tournament over the holidays, beating Boston College and destroying Cornell in the final 8-0.

We could see some moves this week, it’s junior hockey trade deadline time. Timashov was rumoured to be out of Quebec City, so we’ll see if that goes down. I doubt anyone else in the OHL moves as they are all on good teams, but never say never. Desrocher did get a new teammate in Kingston last night, as fellow Memorial Cup winner Michael Dal Colle (NYI) was moved from Oshawa to Kingston.

Everyone is back in action next week so here’s hoping Timashov, Dermott, and Marner bring their anger at losing the WJC to the ice and show why they’re winners.

Update: 20 min after publishing Dymtro Timashov was traded to the Shawinigan Cataracts for 1st-round and 3rd-round picks in 2017 and a 3rd-round pick in 2018.

Source: Maple Leafs prospects recap: Piccinich puts up points, Dzierkals returns, Nielsen helps out